Project description

Webbula is a data technology company located in Pittsburgh, PA. Founded in 2009, Webbula helps the world’s sophisticated multi-channel marketers make their campaigns more productive and successful. With privacy compliant consumer profiles focused on Email, supported by Mobile and built on a foundation of Postal records, Webbula accurately reaches more than 100 million unique online individuals. The company’s data-driven solutions are used in analytic, segmentation and targeting applications across all channels including offline, online, and mobile.

Webbula decided that they wanted to update their website and give it had a modern look and feel and they also wanted it to have a responsive design so that it can be viewed on a mobile device. They chose the designers of Optimal Reach Media to create a strong, innovative brand that would be easily recognizable in the data technology field.

Client: Webbula

Categories: Branding, Creative Design, Web Design and Development

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