Walken Inline Hockey

Project description

Walken In-Line Hockey, is an adult in-line hockey league that plays out of the RMU Sports Complex located on Neville Island. This team is Russ’s heart and soul! Because of this, he really wanted to share his excitement with the world! Fortunately, being the co-founder of Optimal Reach Media, he was able to develop a brand for his team, and a website to showcase exciting video footage of player highlights, player stats & information, and even late night press conferences.

The team needed a brand that would show the strength, passion and commitment of it’s players, and with Christopher Walken, as the muse, Walken In-Line Hockey was born. As is the case with any good sports team, Walken In-Line Hockey developed a large fan base, who wanted to know where they could find out more information about the team and its’ players. Russ answered the call, and created a really cool, fully-functioning, responsive design website. You’ll have to go to the site to see just how cool it is!


  1. Logo Design
  2. Website Design and Development
  3. Custom Printed Hockey Jersey
  4. Video Production Services

Client: Walken Inline Hockey

Categories: Branding, Creative Design, Print, Video Production, Web Design and Development

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