The 10 Best Ways To Promote An Event Online

Event promotion is one the best and most effective ways for every business to reach the right target audience. For promoting any event you would require proper organizing, planning in understanding the logistics of the events, and making it a big hit. It is an extremely daunting task, and you need to ensure that everything goes in a perfect manner. According to the statistics, almost 73 percent of businesses focus on organizing online events for marketing, advertising, and reaching out to prospective clients/customers.  

Moreover, after the spread of the covid-19, it has become essential to conduct online events as that makes it easier to comply with the social distancing parameters set by the government. But the most important thing is how to promote such virtual events online? What should be the strategy to make these online events effective? What can make online events a huge success? Well, we will be sharing some amazing ways which will help you to promote your virtual events online. 

#1 Plan Out The Strategy For Online Event Promotion:

When you are serious about the success of an online event, you need to be very meticulous in your planning. If your planning is good, everything else will fall into place. Spend a few hours identifying the message that you would like to convey to the audience through the content and how well you can make them understand the same. How will you integrate the business brand with the event to improve the brand positioning in the market? What digital platforms you would be using to advertise the event. Although you might be feeling overwhelmed, planning will make your event well organized and successful. 

#2 Design Event Pages For Promotion On The Website:

Having a well-designed page on the website regarding the event will help your audience to know everything about it. Although you have a good website, you need to use it for the right purpose. You can create a landing page for the event where you can provide all the information regarding the event — at what time the online event would start, what parameters would be covered in it, what benefits it would offer to the audience, and how it will be used for promoting the business. Moreover, you can link the page to your sales pages, or product page, or any other conversion page that would be used by the target audience.

#3 The Event Should Be Shared On The Social Media:The Event Should Be Shared On The Social Media

In the digital era, you must leverage the benefits of the social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin to promote the event. You can use the “Create event” feature of Facebook or the “moment” feature of Twitter to share the event with the target audience available through the social media platform. Besides, you can also make use of LinkedIn for sharing and promoting the event to professional people. [Pro Tip: Use the hashtag feature to reach the maximum number of people].

#4 Harnessing Email Marketing:

You can use email platforms such as MailChimp to create beautiful templates regarding the events and send them to the right people. Email marketing would be the best and most effective way of sending out invitations for the event and follow-up messages.

#5 Use The Advertisement:

Advertisement could be created on Google and various social media platforms and used for promoting the event. Although this method might require a small amount of investment, it would be worth it. You can use ads for the promotion of the events and connect with a large target audience. 

#6 Create And Share Videos Exhibiting The Highlights Of The Event: Create And Share Videos Exhibiting The Highlights Of The Event

Videos are extremely trendy, and you can use them to your benefit. You can create a perfect and crisp video that focuses on the highlights of the event and share them on YouTube and other platforms where you can find the right friends and followers. Make sure the videos have attractive thumbnails and are attention-grabbing.

#7 You Can Host Contest Or A Free Registration For Promoting Events:

You can host content on various social media platforms or on the business website, which will encourage the interested target audience to register and participate in the contest. The aim of the content would be to create awareness in the audience regarding the event. This way of promoting an event is highly common and has the potential to reach a large audience.

#8 You Must Embrace Podcasts For Promoting Events:

According to a survey, it was found that almost 70% of people listen to podcasts. This means that if you embrace podcast technology for promoting the event online, you will be able to reach a vast proportion of the population. 

#9 Empowering Of The Speakers And Promoters For The Promotion of The Event:

You can gather all the event speakers and promoters and create a short video with their introductions. You can share this video on various websites and different social media platforms to attract the audience’s attention towards the event and encourage them to attend the event. Through this type of video, you can provide them with a registration tracking link so you can analyze where your new guests came from.

#10 Develop A Community/Forums:

You can either create a community on the website’s event pages or social media platform where a large number of people can gather to discuss the information of the event. You can share all the highlights of the event through the forum and community. 


The aforementioned methods are different ways in which you can promote online events and make them a huge success. 

The 10 Best Ways To Promote An Event Online