Future Of Social Media Marketing: Trends You Need To Know

In terms of digital marketing, social media has become one of the most integral parts of people’s lives, and that too within a short period. This has led to digital marketers focusing upon this segment of society. The concept of social media was introduced, so that it becomes a medium for people to get to know new people, get in touch with their old friends, and stay connected for a very long time. But in today’s time, social media platforms are being used for a wide range of other commercial activities, such as branding of businesses, advertising, increasing the reach of the website, enhancing the website traffic.

It is also a great platform for businesses to connect to the target audience and convert them into potential customers. But this is not as easy as said. If you want to tap into the potential of social media, it is essential that you keep up with the latest trends and embrace the latest strategies of social media marketing.

By understanding the latest trends of social media work, you would be able to keep up with your business marketing and always stand out from the crowd.

What are those latest trends of social media that will become the deciding factor for the future of social media marketing in this digital world?

#1 Transformation Of The Social Media Marketing Strategy With Live Videos:

In the coming years, people would be experimenting more with live videos and aim to enhance video marketing. It has been already observed that videos are considered more engaging than images or even content, and this popularity will keep increasing even after 2021. By considering this latest trend and the popularity of live videos, it has become quite essential for businesses to explore video creation and integrate such videos on a regular basis to build connections with their target audience. The live videos can be easily broadcasted on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Instagram.

#2 Working With The Ephemeral Content:

Social Media Marketing

Have you heard about Ephemeral content or even developed strategies to use such content? Well, if you have not, then businesses should start focusing on it right now. Ephemeral content is so potent that it can be helpful in increasing the engagement of users on the website. But what exactly is Ephemeral content? Well, when you come across any type of short-duration content that would vanish after a specific period. For instance, the Facebook and Instagram stories are the best example of Ephemeral content because they would vanish after 24 hours after being published. These stories are extremely trending and very convenient as well. Whether you are having a small business or large, you can make use of these stories to increase user engagement and make it entertaining.

#3 You Can Include The Chatbot Communication Through Social Media Platform:

Another important trend that will dominate businesses in the coming time is communication through chatbots. Whenever the customers are communicating with the service department, they should not feel like they’re conveying their grievances to any sort of computerized machine. So there is always a need for chatbots. With the help of chatbots, communication with the customers or website visitors would become extremely easy, and there would be no wastage of time. These chatbots are powdered with AI and have solutions for all the queries of the customers/visitors.

#4 The Growing Trend Of Influencer Marketing:

Social Media Marketing Influencer

You might be familiar with the word — Influencer Marketing. It was introduced a few years back, but it is dominating the digital marketing world since 2019. But this trend is now spreading everywhere and will continue in the coming years as well. It is a great opportunity for business brands to collaborate with influence marketers to promote the products and various commodities of their business brands. The influencers already have millions of followers, so it becomes easier for your business to reach out to a large number of customers in one go.


Social media is not just for communicating with friends and acquaintances, but it has found a greater purpose. Social media is the best platform for businesses to advertise their products/services and the brand at large. So if you are owning a business, then it is the best time that you should understand the significance of the social media platform.

Future Of Social Media Marketing: Trends You Need To Know

How To Improve Your Search Rankings With Content Marketing

Let us not debate about the fact that content is king. The internet was created to facilitate the exchange of content. Sure, it has many other uses today — social media and e-commerce, to name a few — but the need for information remains at the heart of every online decision we make. We click on links, bookmark web pages, use search engines — all to find information that is relevant to our interests.

It should come as no surprise, then, that content is king, and that it also reigns supreme over search rankings. After all, the primary purpose of a search engine is to determine which website is the most relevant to the user’s query. The higher the number of quality content you have on your site, the more likely it is to appear at the top of search engines’ results pages when users make those searches.

Given the value of those user clicks, most websites today rely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO and even hire an SEO firm) to keep their sites search-friendly. One of the most important aspects of any online marketing approach is SEO. It determines whether your website will appear high in search results and hence, be noticed by more people. And what is the key to this? Well, we believe it’s high-quality content.

How to Use Content Marketing to Improve Your Search Rankings?

Below are some tips for beginners on how to use content marketing to improve your search rankings.

1. Create contents that are beneficial to your target audience

The main goal of content marketing is to pique your audience’s interest through articles that answer questions they may have and provide them with the information they require. This means that when you write a blog post or send out a newsletter, it shouldn’t come across as a sales pitch for your product. Rather, it should be a carefully considered and formed piece that will benefit your customers.
What do you believe your target audience would be interested in reading about? What are some of the most common questions you get from customers?

Create a list of the topics and questions you believe your target audience is interested in, and then start writing about them. This will allow your site to be of help when other users begin to ask the same questions or look for information on those topics.

2. Select the right keywords

Keywords Ranking
When searching online, most users don’t take the time to write long phrases describing what they’re looking for. For example, instead of searching, “how can I get rid of this pimple? Which products should I use?”, they simply search for “pimple removal tips.”

It often comes down to keywords. It’s a good thing that online tools (like Google’s Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Soovle, KeywordTool.io, and Jaaxy) are now available to assist you in figuring out which keywords your target audience is searching for.

Incorporating high-ranking keywords into your content improves its chances of ranking higher in search results. Brian Dean of Backlinko says that using the aforementioned keyword tools resulted in a 62.2 percent increase in his site’s organic traffic within six months.

Keep in mind that keywords should be utilized sparingly and within context, rather than strewn throughout each sentence you write. If you fail to do this, search engines may not tag your content as relevant but as spam.

Search engine algorithms can easily determine the frequency of a keyword and the existence of other useful terms within the article. So, in addition to choosing the proper keywords, make sure you employ them naturally.

3. Remember the basics of SEO

The fundamentals of on-page SEO (that is, SEO efforts that are limited to your website) are in place to lay the groundwork for a search-friendly site. These basics will give your content the extra push it needs, making it easier for online users to find them.

Here’s a quick rundown of the basics you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Title tag. A search engine displays the page’s title tag when it lists your web page as a result. This will determine whether or not visitors will click through your site. So, ensure that your title tag is definitive of what these visitors can expect from the link. A keyword can even be placed on the title tag as long as it doesn’t come across as forced.
  • Meta description. A brief overview or summary of your content can enhance the likelihood of a user clicking on your website. So, always remember to write a clear meta description to increase the likelihood of users visiting your site and reading through the content you are posted.
  • Image Alt tag. The idea that a picture is worth a thousand words is very popular today. However, search engines are still unable to fully understand what your image is saying. You can make your pictures more search-friendly by adding image alt tags to perform as captions.
  • Tagging. If you are managing a blog for your site, ensure that the entries are grouped or categorized through content tagging. This will make it easy for new readers to navigate through your blog, as clicking on a particular tag allows them to browse through the contents that are related to that topic.

4. Build inbound links to your posts

Inbound Linking
You’re probably aware that obtaining inbound links, also known as backlinks, is critical to a successful content marketing plan. The more links you obtain from other websites, especially high-quality links, the more Google views your website as a source of useful content.

You can build links to your site through several ways; email outreach is one. According to a study conducted by Brian Dean, 91.5 percent of outreach emails are discarded or ignored. However, Brian’s team also discovered that link-building outreach emails have a 21.9 percent response rate.

Reaching out to brands or people that already know you are one of the top methods for generating inbound links through email outreach. These brands or people may be following your LinkedIn account or may have mentioned you in their previous posts.

When reaching out to prospects, you may also consider their interests. Joining groups and communities on social media can help you gain access to others who may be interested in or who engage with the blog topics you typically write about.

Other Ways to Improve Your Search Rankings Through Content Marketing
Other than the tips already mentioned, some other ways with which you can improve your search rankings with content marketing are:

  • Creating pillar pages and topic clusters
  • Harnessing the power of internal linking
  • Being a thought leader


Great content is the key to improving your search engine results. Content marketing will not only improve the chances of you gaining more customers and visitors to your website but also add value to the services and products your business offers.

How To Improve Your Search Rankings With Content Marketing

How To Secure WordPress Site? (With & Without Plugins)

In the digital era, every major or minor thing is being handled online through websites and various other online portals. But along with all this ease and convenience, there is always a threat of cybercrimes or data breaches. Due to this reason, it is quite essential to keep your website highly secure so that no one can hack it and leach on the customer/client data.

If you are not keeping your website secure, the customers won’t find the brand reliable or trustworthy, which is not good for the reputation of a business. So how will you make sure that your WordPress website is secure or not?
WordPress platform is considered to be the most popular platform in the entire market when it comes to websites. Almost 40% of websites run on WordPress. When it is having such a big consideration, then the security of the WordPress websites becomes the biggest concern. There are many unethical hackers who are always in the search of loopholes and WordPress platform vulnerabilities that could be used for their benefit. But it is not possible.
There are multiple ways in which the WordPress website can be secured with the use of plugins and even without them. So let’s understand it one by one.

Keeping The WordPress Website Secure Without Plugins:

1. You Must Keep The Website Upgraded:

Upgrade You Website

Although the WordPress websites are free and open-source, which enables the auto-up-gradation of the minor functionality. But for major things, you should get them checked regularly and keep them updated. You must browse through the backend to check whether the regularly used plugins are updated or not. If there are some unused plugins, get them removed. Besides this, you should check the latest version of the themes and keep them updated.

2. Make Use Of Strong Passwords And Have Multiple User Permissions/Authentications:

Usually, the WordPress website hacking takes place due to weak passwords or if there is no user permission. To keep your WordPress websites protected, you should set strong passwords and have 2-factor authentication. This would be helpful not just for the admin but also beneficial in protecting the database.

3. You Should Choose A Secure WordPress Hosting Website:

If you are hosting your WordPress website on the shared hosting services, then there is a threat to your website due to the cross-website connections. This increases the chances of your website being hacked. So you should choose the hosting provider that keeps your WordPress website secure and automatically keep updating the security parameters.

4. You Can Put A Limit On The Number Of Login Attempts:

This might seem very insignificant right now, but it is an effective way of keeping WordPress websites secure from unethical hacking.

Now that you have understood how to keep your website secure without the use of plugins, next you must learn how to keep the website secure with the use of plugins.

Secure Your Website With Plugins:

1. You Should Install A Plugin For Maintaining Data Backup:

Website Maintaining Plugin For Data Backup

With such data backup plugins, you can restore your website even if it gets hacked by malicious activities. You can have the backup of the entire website to a different location where the hackers can’t reach out and not at the hosting server. It will increase the level of security. A few popular data backup plugins are — VaultPress and BackupBuddy.

2. WordPress Sucuri Security Plugin:

Once you are done with the backup process, it is the right time to focus on the actual security parameters. For that, you need to install the Sucuri security plugin. With the installation of this security plugin, you can enable the features like tracking the malicious activities, keeping a tab on the malware scanning, monitoring the failed login attempts, and finally keeping the WordPress website secure. There are various other plugins that can be used for increasing the security of the WordPress website. To name a few such as WordPress website security plugins — File scanning, Security hardening, WordPress Security Alerts, Malware scanning, Firewalls. These plugins are known for increasing the security of your website and keeping it protected from unethical threats and attacks.


WordPress is considered the best CMS as compared to other frameworks. Due to these reasons, most of the websites are built on WordPress. When the CMS is in so much demand, it is essential that the security features provided by WordPress should be up to the mark. You can follow the aforementioned points to keep your WordPress website protected.

How To Secure WordPress Site? (With & Without Plugins)

Ecommerce Website Design: 6 Components You Need To Know

Ecommerce businesses are becoming one of the fastest-growing business sectors that are attracting the largest number of customers, registering growth in revenue, and helping businesses grow in the right direction. The ecommerce businesses were in an all-time high demand even during the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. Do you know the reason behind it? Ecommerce businesses provide easy shopping facilities and increase the convenience for the customers. Besides this, the ecommerce business focuses on meeting the requirements of the people and keeps improving with every passing phase.

Although most of the ecommerce businesses are doing just great, there are some who are still struggling and not noticing growth in their ecommerce business. So why is that? It is because they might have made a few mistakes in their ecommerce business website design. When you are having a well-designed ecommerce website, then you can be assured that you will have huge web traffic. This in turn will help you to encourage potential customers to make a purchase, increase the business sales and generate higher revenues. But to have such an ecommerce website, it is essential that you are having these 6 important components in the website. So what are these 6 important components of ecommerce website design? Let’s find out!

#1 Your Ecommerce Website Must Have A Clean Look And Minimalistic Design Approach:

Keep E-commerce Website Look clean

If you want your ecommerce website to become a success, then it is important that your website is able to influence the target audience and grab their attention. If your website appears completely cluttered, then the target audience will not have the clarity, and they might abandon the website as soon as they visit it. Your ecommerce website is the best representation of your business, and thus you should keep it minimal with the best designs. You must choose the templates that look elegant, have appropriate typography (all aspects about the font type, size, line length, and spacing), and make the right use of colors, which represent your brand. The minimalist ecommerce website will not just impart an impressive look but also load faster.

#2 Your Ecommerce Website Must Provide Easy Navigation:

The ecommerce website should be designed in such a way that its navigation features should help the target audience to reach the products they wish to view in a simple and fast way. Having good navigation will improve the user experience of the website and will help in increasing lead generation. If the navigation feature of the ecommerce website is poor, it will definitely lead to higher bounce rates rather than improving the business.

#3 The Product Images And Description Should Be Up To The Mark:

Website Product Page

When you have an ecommerce website, the most essential aspect is the product images. If the products images are clear and of high resolution, it will help in increasing the conversion cycles. High-quality product images have the potential to attract the target audience. Besides this, the description of the products should be detailed, as it will help the customers understand what they are buying.

#4 Ecommerce Website Should Have An Easy And Convenient Checkout Process:

Another important thing that is a must on an ecommerce website is the checkout process. The checkout process must not have more than 2 or 3 steps, and it should lead the customers to the final payment page within a few seconds. Besides this, you must ensure that the payment process is perfectly secured. As it deals with the confidential data of your customers.

#5 Ecommerce Websites Should Be Mobile Responsive:

Well, this is an important factor that will decide the success of your ecommerce website. Nowadays, almost 80 to 90% of the population is making use of smartphones for online shopping and with various transactions. So it is essential for the ecommerce website to be compatible with all smartphones or mobile devices.

#6 Location Of The Search Bar Should Be Appropriate:

A search bar is an important component of an ecommerce website. But it should also be located in the right place. The search bar is usually used by the customers to search for products they are unable to find directly. The search bar must be placed in the upper right corner, which could be easily visible to the customers, and they do not have to search for this option. It will improve the user experience of the website.


Having an ecommerce website is really great but to make it a success, generate revenue for your business, and improve customer loyalty, you need to make sure that the website is designed in a perfect way.

Ecommerce Website Design: 6 Components You Need To Know

7 Keys To Have A Successful eCommerce Website

The E-commerce industry is booming across all countries. Most people, in this digital era, consider e-commerce products and services to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. But even after an upsurge in the e-commerce business or industry, there are many who are unable to make their e-commerce website a success.

So what’s the reason behind it? Well, the main reason is the businesses and developers are not focusing on the essential elements of the major and successful e-commerce website. Are you aware of the 7 major or key elements of a successful e-commerce website?

If not, then in this article, we will explain all the important 7 e-commerce website elements that will make your website a success.

#1 It Is Always A Good To Have A Mobile Responsive E-Commerce Website:

In the digital era, most often, people are dependent on their smartphones for all the basic things. This also includes online shopping. Every time, your target audience will not be using their desktop or laptop for purchasing products or doing online shopping. So it is quite essential for an e-commerce business to have a website that is mobile responsive. You can consider it as one of the most important investments for your e-commerce website.

#2 Focus On The Security Of The E-commerce Website:

People are whole-heartedly adopting e-commerce websites for making their shopping experience easy and convenient. But there is always a certain doubt in their minds about security. People log in to your website and share their important and confidential data with the business. Hence it is the responsibility of the business to ensure that you are taking all the security measures and integrating them into the e-commerce website to increase reliability and trust. The security parameters must ensure that none of the client or customer data is shared with any unauthorized personnel.

#3 Your E-commerce Business Site Should Be Simple And Elegant

One of the most important aspects of an e-commerce website is to make sure that your target audience does not get confused while navigating through your website. People would find it extremely difficult to find the right products, purchasing guidelines, and even getting through the contact information if it is not presented in a proper manner. Thus it is necessary that care needs to be taken to make sure that your e-commerce website has a simple yet dynamic design.

#4 You Should Be Very Particular About The Product Images And Description Provided In The E-commerce Website:

For an e-commerce website, it is quite common to have multiple products on a single web page and support multiple such web pages. To make it easy for people to check the products and descriptions, it is essential that you are adopting an 8 image approach along with a proper description. With this approach, you would be able to provide perfect information to the customers and enhance the conversions.

#5 Integrate An Effective Search Tool:

It has been suggested that to make your e-commerce website a success, it is essential that you have a convenient search tool. If the website visitor is unable to find what they are looking for, they can easily opt for a search tool and reach the product or services they are looking for. Thus, having a filtered search is something that a user would always be looking forward to in an e-commerce website.

#6 Design Elements Of An E-Commerce Website: Colors/Fonts/Graphics:

For any e-commerce website, the design elements play a vital role — colors, fonts, and graphics are the key to ensure whether your users will have a good experience or not. To make your e-commerce website a success, you must have at most two major colors for the website and not a combination of multiple colors. Even the graphics for the website should be decent and not very confusing. If you are specific about these things, there is no way your website will not be successful.

#7 You Should Have A Set Of Recommended Products For The Users:

When you provide a feature for recommended products, you are making it easier for the customers to browse through additional sale products. It will not just improve the shopping experience of the users but also increase the sales of the business.


E-commerce businesses are extremely profitable, but not for everyone. You need to ensure that all the elements are used in the e-commerce website, which will make it a success. The aforementioned elements of e-commerce are the best ones, and it is essential to have them integrated into e-commerce websites.

7 Keys To Have A Successful eCommerce Website

8 Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Your Business Growth in 2021

In the digital era, every business is striving hard to have steady growth, and this kind of growth will be possible only through the constant inflow of new clients and customers. If you ensure that the customers are reaching the final phase of the conversion funnel, you will increase your business revenue and thus have better business growth.

But does your marketing and business analysis team know how to cater to the customers? Are they targeting all the relevant spaces to attract more customers? In this digital era, the most important platform that will help you expand your business reach is Social Media.

Many of you might not be convinced by the power of social media and how it would be helpful in getting your business to a better level. Here are some of the essential 8 ways, which would be discussed in this article, to help you understand the significance of social media and how to use it for your business.

#1 You Can Use Social Media For Increasing The Business Leads:

According to the social media experts, it has been observed that whether you have a large business or small, you can integrate social media for increasing the leads of your business. And to be specific, through social media platforms you are not just getting leads but qualified leads by employing advanced targeting.

Use a wide range of social media platforms for promoting the published content on social media and make sure that it is compatible with the interest of the target audience or the followers of your business. You can also make use of graphic designs, which are significant to your brand positioning and are visually appealing. To generate high-quality leads, it is essential that your reader or the audience of social media finds it interesting. (Note: Always includes call-to-action to encourage your prospective leads to take the next step).

#2 Social Media Can Help You In Improving The Search Engine Ranking:

A simple fact, which every business must know, is that with the integration of social media, the number of social shares increases, and thus the domain authority of your website also improves.

When the social shares increase, it will increase the number of customers who have a better understanding of your brand and thus build trust. It makes your brand look more reliable to the customers and increases business growth.

#3 Employ Social Media Strategy To Increase The Business Website Traffic:

You might be thinking that small businesses make use of social media to increase web traffic. According to the survey of the Social Media Examiner, it has been revealed that almost 70 to 80% of traffic increase is accredited to social media influence. So make sure your business has a strong presence on social media platforms through regular posting and sharing of the content and then generating traffic.

#4 Use Social Media For Monitoring Your Competitors:

You can have a strong presence on social media and keep monitoring the activities of your competitors. It will give you an idea of how and in what ways they are trying to gain loyal customers and grow their business. You can have a better understanding of your competitors from the content that has been posted by them. This can help you fine-tune your strategies.

#5 Social Media Helps In Developing Trust With Your Customers:

In the digital era, social media is not just an online platform where a large number of people gather but offers features beyond that. You can use social media platforms to gain and build the trust of your customers and increase the reliability of your brands. Besides this, it has been proven that more than 80% of the businesses (small/large) were able to gain loyal customers through social media platforms.

#6 Integrate Social Media In Business To Generate Brand Recognition:

To gain customers and grow your business, it is quite essential that you are increasing the awareness of the brand or business. Social media is one of the most effective ways in which you can reach out to multiple target audiences just with one post!

#7 Are You Willing To Introduce Your Brand As Topical Authority – Integrate Social Media In Businesses:

You might be wondering how social media could probably be the tool to increase the topical authority, right? But let us tell you that social media can help you in improving niche marketing and branding to increase the growth of your business. Through niche marketing, you can ensure that the topical authority of your business could be raised to a significant level.

#8 You Can Generate Lead Magnets Through Social Media:

To grow your business, you would need customers, and through social media, you can implement lead magnets to grab the attention of prospective customers. Through lead magnets, you can make offers to the customer, provide discounts and ensure that the customers will stay loyal to your brand and business.


To grow your business, you can undertake a wide range of marketing strategies and methods, but the best and most effective is to consider social media. It is not just convenient but also helps you to capture qualified leads easily and take the website to a higher level.

8 Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Your Business Growth in 2021

7 Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2021

Content marketing is a field that always keeps evolving with time. You cannot keep using the same content marketing tactics or strategies for a long period. If you want your content marketing strategies to work for you and enhance the growth of your business, it is essential that you are following up with the trends every year.

This is 2021, and we are already in the summer months. At this point in time, it is quite essential to understand the tremendous shift in the content marketing approach given the world scenario. And how to implement the changes in business marketing for the exponential growth of your business. As we have already stepped into the year 2021, let’s not delay any further and get to know all important trends that are topping the list for content marketing this year.

#1 Focus On Increasing The Business Live Videos

This year, you could have observed that video content, online events such as webinars are on the rise. And this trend is not going away any time soon. Live videos are on the rise not just because of the pandemic, which has affected the world but also due to the fact that they are an effective and quick way to convey a message to the audience, interact with them, and sometimes even educate them.

In the present scenario, your target audience may not have the time and the inclination to read huge blogs or any sort of long-form textual content. Hence, it is better to offer them videos that offer the same knowledge and information within a short period.

#2 Establish High-Level Content Communities

Content always acts as the ice breaker between the customers/consumers and the business. It basically aims to eliminate the barrier that is generally observed between the brands and target audience.

For instance, you can observe the business run by Netflix. Netflix always focuses on building communities through the content they share on YouTube, Twitter, or even Facebook. It helps a large number of people to come together and express their views.

You can start your own community of like-minded people and share essential information with the people in the form of videos, textual data, infographics, or even podcasts. It is an effective way to build customer loyalty and take your business to the next level.

#3 Content Will Be Required By Businesses To Enhance Customer Experience

If you want your business website to generate great ROI, then it is quite essential that you need to offer content that will enhance the customer experience. With great content, the users or readers would like to stay on the website, find out what they are actually seeking and have a great time. This will lead the customers to the sales funnel and improve business ROI.

#4 Integrating AI To Test The Potential Of The Content

AI or Artificial Intelligence holds a significant position in the content marketing field. The content marketers are making use of the tools such as Contentyze that has in-built AI technology and supports in creating and testing unique content in the form of summaries, titles, captions, and sometimes blog posts. There are many businesses that have started embracing the AI-powered content tester and generators to ensure that the content they are publishing is of high quality.

#5 You Can Repurpose The Content And Share It On Multiple Channels

You Can Repurpose The Content And Share It On Multiple ChannelsYou might be thinking that you are always required to put up with fresh content on the website and social media sharing sites. Well, this is true, but to some extent only. You always have the opportunity to repurpose the content you are getting, enhance it, and then share it on different platforms.

#6 Focus On Making Use Of The Diversified Content

You already know that blog posts are one of the most important content pieces that work for your website. But this is just a single type of content that you think is suitable for your website. Besides this, you should keep exploring other content options that will improvise the content that is being shared with the target audience.

You can diversify the content options such as sometimes you can make use of podcasts, e-books, videos, infographics, and many more. This diversification of content will help you to enhance the audience reach.

#7 Focus On Stories Creation

One of the most popular content marketing trends this year has been stories. Stories are one of the most effective content formats that have a huge impact on the audience. So you can make use of short stories to convey the message to your clients.


These are some of the best and most trending content marketing features that you can easily adopt for your business in the year 2021.

7 Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2021

Protect Your WordPress Site Using Bot Protection

WordPress is one of the best and safest CMS platforms that are used by millions of developers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. The WordPress platform has its own unique set of security risks that developers and site administrators need to ensure are taken care of. One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of WordPress security is ensuring that you have strong bot protection in place.

With this article, we will go through some crucial points in order to protect your WordPress website from being hacked by bots. We will cover how to secure your site using plugins and what these plugins should focus on doing.

Before we move ahead with the protection points, let’s understand what Bot Protection is.

What Do We Mean By Bot Protection?

The term ‘bot’ is used for a program that looks like a human user. These bots are engaged in many activities like clicking on links, spamming comments, and also gathering information from online portals and social networks. In short, ‘bots’ are performing activities which humans can do.

The main aim of bot protection is to keep scanning the website and identify the blocks that seem malicious. For example: If there is a comment left on the website in which the bot is trying to post spam links, block the comment and do not allow it to be published.

This will prevent your site from being blacklisted due to spam posts and will also be helpful in providing protection against web scraping or different types of brute force attacks.

Besides this, the Bot protection will ensure that there is a reduction in the entire WordPress application usage. The Bot protection will understand the elements that target unauthorized access to the website and block them upon detection.

What Are Some Of The Best Features Of Bot Protection?

  • You do not require any sort of setup or installation — Just toggle the on/off Bot Protection feature in WordPress.
  • You will be getting protection for the login page.
  • The Bot Protection will help in eliminating the bad Bots and rogue Traffic.
  • You will have independent access to the dashboard that can be used for monitoring.
  • The Bot Protection will not have any impact on the performance of the WordPress website.

You need to understand that the Bot Protection feature will keep evolving and growing over time, and it will enhance the WordPress security four-folds. Bot protection will not only provide protection but will also enhance the WordPress website protection.

Here are some of the ways in which the Bot Protection can provide protection to WordPress Websites:

#1 It Can Help In Blocking All The Bad Bots

It Can Help In Blocking All The Bad BotsYou must be aware that not all bots are good, sometimes they harm the WordPress website and have a bad impact on them. For this, Bot Protection will scan the “robots.txt‘’ file and ensure that it is composed of all the commands that will prevent the bad bots from hacking the websites and block all the harmful or malicious activities. The Bot Protection will also help in identifying all the hidden links and keep blocking them.

#2 The Bot Protection Helps In Protecting The Login Page

The Bot Protection safeguards against any brute force attack that tries to gather information and authentication from the login page and identify the unauthorized login attempts to the website. If you are not using Bot Protection, it will increase the risk of malicious activities on the website. Bot protection will make your work uncomplicated and extremely simple to protect the credentials, which are stored on your website. Along with Bot Protection, you can make use of other WordPress protection plugins that will enhance the WordPress website protection.

#3 Implementation Of Firewall

The Bot Protection will offer highly efficient firewalls that will ensure that all the bad bot requests coming from a particular IP will be blocked.


If your business is having a WordPress website, then it is quite essential to have Bot protection to keep your website secure and protected. As the popularity of your business increases, the risk of being attacked by hackers will increase, and thus you need to ensure that it is kept well-protected. You can integrate Bot Protection to keep your WordPress websites secure and focus just on the right business.

Protect Your WordPress Site Using Bot Protection

Video Marketing Is Way To Bridge The Gap Between Data And Creativity

In the digital world, if you want to build a brand and make it a success, you do not just need to grab the attention of the target audience but also sustain it. Besides, you will have to ensure that they are being engaged with your brand through the help of digital assets that you are providing on your website.

The digital assets provided by your business or brand are not just related to the product and services but also include blogs, articles, videos, images, infographics, and podcasts. You can make use of these to attract your prospects. But what do you think, which out of these would be the most effective? Which one would be helpful in bridging the gap between the data and creativity?

There always has been a class divide, when it comes to choosing between the two — Data & Creativity. For a very long time, there has been a debate regarding how to either make use of the data or creativity. But the top-level experts are claiming that there is no need to separate data and creativity into different slots when they can be easily combined. The data, along with creativity, can be used to bring in a lot of changes in the way numbers are looked upon.

According to digital marketing analysts and experts, video marketing is considered the best way in which you can easily fill up the gap that is generated between data, creativity, and innovation. Through video marketing, you can have a balance between both and implement them in the right way. But the thought that would be lingering in your mind would be how? Is it even possible that by making effective use of Video Marketing, you can perfectly create a bridge between creativity and data?

#1 Understanding The Background Of The Video Marketing That Explains Creativity

In the earlier days, the advertisers didn’t have access to large chunks of useful data. Thus the entire focus was on the creativity aspect that will help the businesses to attract the attention of the people. Besides this, it was quite difficult to analyze accurately the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns and their results. So in those days, it was based on assumptions and vague figures, but not anymore.

Today, we have a vast amount of data that are provided by trusted sources and are completely verified. But the thing is to integrate it with creativity. Video marketing can make use of the data to analyze the number of viewers, the time duration of the watch, the number of people who ignored the video, people who subscribed, and people who unsubscribed, etc. All this data is not independent entries, but they are linked to the videos that are created and shared.

It gives a complete insight into what the data can do and provides analyses of how the video is working. It will help the businesses to check out their authenticity, whether they are working in an efficient way, whether any improvement is needed, and various other important details.

#2 How Data Has A Huge Impact On Creative Aspects Of Advertising Especially Video Marketing?

How Data Has A Huge Impact On Creative Aspects Of Advertising Especially Video Marketing? 

Creativity is directly linked to advertising and marketing. But if you consider today’s scenario, then it is not just creativity anymore. Advertising and video marketing is more of a science that has one of the most essential components that is data and it has become the critical aspect that will help in enhancing creativity through video marketing.

The data will act as a support system that will track all the parameters of creativity and provide accurate results. These results or insights that are received through the data are helpful in increasing the engagement, improving the strategies, and also focus on the portion of videos that were able to grab the attention of the audience.


In the present situation, the top experts of the businesses are focusing on creating a hybrid environment through video marketing. They will ensure that the data will be working alongside the creativity of the videos and assist in generating useful results. So, now you can understand how essential video marketing is and how it will be helpful in creating the bridge between creativity and data.

Video Marketing Is Way To Bridge The Gap Between Data And Creativity

How To Write High Ranking Content For Content Marketing

In the digital era, where everything is available on digital platforms, you cannot avoid building an online presence. Whether you have a small business or large, the major concern of every business today is to get the attention of your target audience and sustain that.

If you want your audience to find you and start ordering from your business, you need to rank better in the search engine. You need to have high-ranking content that will give a boost to your content marketing strategies and take your business to a better ranking position.

There are innumerable techniques and tips available on the internet, and this might confuse you a lot. So for avoiding such confusion and getting hold of the right techniques, we have rounded up some of the best tips for you.

With these tips and techniques, you would be able to write high-ranking content and improve content marketing.

#1 You Should Write Content That Benefits The Target Audience

Although you might have read that the content should be attractive and engaging. But the most important aspect is to make sure that the content is benefiting the target audience. When the target audience finds that your content is helping them solve their problems or answer their concerns, then it would be easier to capture their interest and also keep them engaged for a long period.

You can make use of some informational posts, how-to posts, question-answers, etc, that will encourage the target audience to read and actively participate.

In order to do that, you will have to list out a wide range of topics through which you can engage with your customers and get their long-lasting interest.

#2 Your Content Should Focus On Right Keyword Usage

Keywords have been the major concern whenever we talk about content and content marketing strategies. They play a vital role in ensuring how better your content will rank in the search engine. But that does not mean you will up the first to last paragraph with all the keywords.

You need to list out all the relevant keywords that would be required for the content to rank higher. (List out at least 15 keywords). Out of these, you need to shortlist 6 to 7 most important keywords and then strategically spread them throughout the content. This will ensure the keywords’ density as well as keyword proximity.

#3 Make The Right Use Of SEO Basics

Make The Right Use Of SEO Basics

If you are a digital marketer or content marketer, you might have a good idea about the parameters that are considered SEO basics. In the SEO basics, you will be covering all the different types of meta tags such as title, description, alt tags. All the tags must contain at least two major keywords, and these keywords should have a higher keyword volume. With this step, you will easily be able to boost the content that is written for content marketing.

#4 Leverage The Potential Of Internal Linking

Leverage The Potential Of Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the best and most important aspects of content marketing. Through internal linking, you can provide direction to the readers to other important posts. This, in turn, is quite effective in keeping your audience on the website for a long period, encourage them to engage with different types of content, and increasing their interest in your brand or business.

#5 You Must Create Content Clusters

Content cluster pages refer to the pages that cover all the associated major topics and minor topics (especially those that are linked to each other through internal linking). This topic cluster model of content marketing is better than writing individual posts and then making them rank for specific 2 to 3 keywords. The content cluster model will help you rank for major keywords and that too more than 10 or 15. So just imagine for every major topic-specific keyword you are finding that your blog or website is coming up.


Having high-ranking content is quite essential for your content marketing strategies. This is because they are the key factors that will help you to rank better in the search engine result pages and take your business to the next level.

How To Write High Ranking Content For Content Marketing