Critical Elements For Creating A Powerful E-commerce Website

Online shopping has been on a steady rise and the pandemic has made it surge faster. In today’s time, online shopping is not only for ensuring safety but also for providing an enjoyable shopping experience from the comforts of our homes. Unlike earlier times, people are not afraid of making online purchases. Rather, they find it extremely convenient and easy to choose the best products, make online price comparisons and get the best deals. But for all this, a business should have a perfect e-commerce website. Having a powerful and dynamic website for your e-commerce business is not a luxury anymore. It has become a necessity. If you desire to build a strong online presence, grab the attention of your target audience, and ensure that your audience can easily visit your website. Then you must design the e-commerce website with dynamic features, attractive designs, and high-quality images. Moreover, the website should be supported not only on desktops but also on a wide range of smart devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

To make the e-commerce website powerful, you need to incorporate certain critical elements.

#1 Understand The Design Of The E-commerce Website:

You must be very clear as to how your website pages must appear. This includes the integration of the product images, description, prices, appearance of the home page, about us page, contact us, privacy page, terms and conditions, payment page, and various other important pages of the website. You must ensure that the design of the navigation field, the pagination, menus, etc are appropriate. When you have clarity of the website design, it would be easier for the users to move around the website with the same clarity.

#2 The E-commerce Website Must Have Proper Filters + Flexible Shopping Cart:

Providing users the flexibility to select or narrow down the search results is considered as one of the most crucial elements that a powerful eCommerce website must have. Your target audience will actually like to shop on your website when they get exactly what they are looking for. Filters play a vital role in achieving this. With the help of filters, users do not have to go through endless scrolling to reach the exact product they want or the type of product they are searching for. This helps in enhancing the user experience of the website and increasing the number of people who would love to visit your website again. An e-commerce website must have multiple filters so that it becomes easier to reach the desired product.

Besides this, the users must have the flexibility to add products to their shopping cart or the wishlist. This should be done with just one click. The users do not want to perform multiple steps merely to add a single product to the wishlist or the shopping cart.

#3 The E-Commerce Website Must Have A Responsive Design:

The E-Commerce Website Must Have A Responsive Design

Your target audience will not just make use of a desktop for online shopping. Nowadays, users are more active and prefer to access sites from smartphones rather than desktops. So you must ensure that your e-commerce website has a powerful, responsive design and should provide a better user experience even on smartphones.

#4 E-commerce Websites Must Have Perfect Product Description (Images, Price, And Detailed Product Information):

The main purpose of the e-commerce website is to provide the best products to the users. So, the design of the WordPress website must be structured in such a way that it supports the accommodation of a large number of products along with proper images and product descriptions. You must provide multiple image sections (generally eight-image features are preferred) so that the user can scrutinize the product perfectly before making the purchase. Moreover, it is essential to provide minute details of the product as no customer would want to buy something without having proper information. This element is quite significant as it will improve the opportunity for better placement on the search engines.

#5 The Placement Of Call-To-Action:

The Placement Of Call-To-Action

Well, every e-commerce business owner is looking for increasing business sales. The best element that boosts sales on the e-commerce website is CTA — Call-To-Action. Call-To-Action can be buttons or links, and you need to place them strategically so that users are encouraged to buy the product, read about it, or add them to their cart or wishlist.


Having an e-commerce website for boosting the sales of your business is quite essential. But just creating a website and hosting it is not enough. You need to make sure that all the critical elements of a website are present on your site. These are what make an e-commerce website powerful and dynamic.

Critical Elements For Creating A Powerful E-commerce Website

10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Perfect For Small Businesses

With the advancement in the technological sphere, we have been witnessing a great revolution in the way businesses are catering to the needs and requirements of their customers. Nowadays, target audiences are constantly present online, so it has become essential for business owners to have a strong online presence. To have a strong online presence, every business (whether big or small) must have a website. Now the question arises, who would help you achieve this? You would require a full-time developer who could help you in developing a great website. So which type of website would you have if you are the owner of a small business? What CMS will you choose? What platform would be suitable for your business? For all these questions and more, the best answer is — WordPress.

Every developer or website development expert you would consult would suggest or recommend for you to opt for WordPress.

Why is it so? Why WordPress is considered the best for small businesses? Well, here are 10 key reasons to choose WordPress for your small business.

#1 WordPress — It Is Completely Free To Use:

The first and foremost reason to choose WordPress for your small business is that it is available free of cost. Yes, you read it right! Unlike other platforms/frameworks, WordPress is entirely free to use. You can download it from the official website, get it installed on your system and start the development process. Most often, small businesses do not have a high financial budget. So they are looking for solutions that do not have any extra upfront cost. After taking into consideration these aspects, WordPress is the best for small businesses.

#2 WordPress Is Open Source Development:

Open source development platform basically means that WordPress could be easily downloaded and the entire code of the platform is available publicly. The developers can easily add different functionalities and integrate them into the websites, which will help in meeting the requirements of your small business.

In order to manage the WordPress source code easily, the business owners have to hire a WordPress developer.

#3 WordPress Has A Perfect User-Friendly Interface:

The WordPress CMS is designed in such a way that it can be easily used by individuals who have the technical knowledge and even by those who are not technical experts. There are multiple themes and plugins provided by the WordPress platform, which will support the website development process.

#4 WordPress Provides Amazing SEO Optimization Of The Business Website:

WordPress Provides Amazing SEO Optimization Of The Business Website_

WordPress provides easy interrogation of the SEO features in the website. Without proper SEO optimization, you would not be able to build a strong online presence or reach out to the target audience. Besides this, WordPress also provides different types of SEO guides to help the developers.

#5 WordPress Offers Responsive Website Designs:

WordPress Offers Responsive Website Designs

Whether it is a small business or large, the website must be responsive (it must be conveniently viewed on multiple devices without any difficulty). WordPress understands that responsive design is the need of the hour, and thus you would find innumerable themes for the website design as well for the email templates and various other applications. These features you won’t find anywhere else.

#6 WordPress Is Highly Secure And Completely Reliable:

It is a fact the WordPress is one of the best and powerful CMS, and the feature that makes it powerful is — Security. WordPress always provides a wide range of security plugins and applications along with their regular updates. With this, you can ensure that your website always remains safe and secure from malicious attacks.

#7 WordPress Has A Large Support From The Online Community:

If you observe the current scenario, WordPress has millions of users, and this shows that it has a large online community. This community comprises millions of active users, multiple highly skilled and qualified teams of developers, business entrepreneurs, and others. With the help of such a large online support community, it becomes easy to put up the issues on the forum and immediately get a solution for them. This is considered one of the most important reasons that make WordPress the best for beginners and small enterprises.

#8 WordPress Helps In Engaging The Growth Of A Firm:

When the business is small, your website would have limited pages but as the business grows, you might need to develop and integrate new pages. With WordPress creating and adding new pages to an existing website can be done easily, at any time, and from anywhere.

#9 Flexibility To Have Multiple Users:

WordPress offers a feature where you can have multiple users with different access rights. There can be different access rights for the content writers, developers, admin, and business owners. With this, the website will keep growing as well as its privacy would be maintained at every level.

#10 WordPress Provides Easy Upgradation:

Whether you want to add new features to the website or update the themes or a wide range of plugins, everything is possible just with one click.


The aforementioned points outline why WordPress is considered the best for small businesses. So if you have a small business and you wish to create an online presence for it by creating a website, always choose WordPress.

10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Perfect For Small Businesses

Top 6 Social Media Trends Of 2021

In this digital era, every business requires social media strategies to build the online reputation of their business brand. But having social media strategies is not enough. You need to ensure that you are keeping up with the changing trends of social media. Do you evolve your social media strategies every year? If not, then it’s high time to do so. There are numerous changes going on in the technological world, which has had a huge impact on how the people (the target audience) would be interacting with your brand on social media platforms.

For instance, a few years ago, Snapchat became one of the most popular social media platforms. It was due to the type of story feature is provided to the user. The stories placed by the users would disappear within the next 24 hours. A similar feature was adopted by various social media platforms but was not quite appreciated by the people in the same way that they welcomed Snapchat’s features. This shows that the taste of people is changing at a faster rate. Hence it is quite essential that you also keep enhancing your social media strategies and tactics to match up with the latest trends. So what would be the social media trends for the year 2021? Do you have any idea about that? If not, you need not worry; we have curated the best social media trends that will be thriving in the year 2021.

#1 The Live Streaming Videos Will Be Popular:

Live streaming content (videos) will be used by a maximum number of people. The popularity of the live streaming content would be accredited to the outbreak of COVID-19. In order to follow up with the social distancing parameters, people across the globe will be making use of the live streaming content to organize video conferences, live concerts, business meetings, and various other important events. According to the survey conducted by Facebook and Instagram, it was revealed that post-COVID-19, the number of people going live on Facebook and Instagram has increased. Besides, the views of such videos have also doubled.

Hence this shows that in the year 2021, the live streaming videos of social media platforms will have an increase in both their reach in their popularity.

#2 Social Media Trend For Virtual Reality:

Social Media Trend For Virtual Reality

According to expert marketers and business analysts, it is conveyed that virtual reality will become popular on social media platforms. Virtual reality is something that is grabbing the attention of most of the users on different social media platforms. When the users are interacting with each other through VR technology, it imparts a unique experience. One of the most popular social media platforms has already recognized this upcoming trend and has been testing a beta-test a simulated reality utilizing the Oculus VR. With the help of this conceptual VR, Facebook will allow users to explore virtual worlds, engage with others over shared interests, and participate in online games together.

#3 Increase In The Interaction Of Social Media Platforms With E-Commerce Platforms:

Have you noticed the rise of e-commerce business advertisements on social media platforms. In the year 2021, the interaction between the social media platform and e-commerce will be on the rise. This is due to the increasing number of social media influencers, who work with different business brands to promote their products. This is one of the most important trends that every business should focus on.

#4 Social Media — Focus On The Purpose Driven Content & Campaigns Will Gaining Popularity:

Purpose-driven content means the content that it is serving or helping other societies and communities. The content with the help of which users would be able to help various other underprivileged people. For instance, donation campaigns, food for the needy, healthcare for the poor, education for underprivileged people — will be increasing. Business brands can take advantage of this growing social media trend to organize events and campaigns, reach their target audience and build a strong community to help the vulnerable members of the community.

#5 Conversational Marketing Will Gain Popularity Through Social Media Platform:

Conversational Marketing Will Gain Popularity Through Social Media Platform

In the year 2021, just business brand promotion will not be effective. Marketing has now become a two-way street — it is also important for your target audience to interact with the content(messages, posts, videos, podcasts, etc) you are bringing to their notice. So the social media strategies that you will be formulating must ensure that the business is building a connection with the audience.

#6 Social Media Trend Of Gamified Content:

Nowadays, people have more time on their hands, and they want it to be spent fruitfully. So what could be better than becoming a creator and making use of social media to entertain the company’s fans and followers? The creative content that is gaining popularity is based on gamified content. For instance, quizzes are based on intellectual information, education level, business information, bingo, and much more differ from country Such content and social media strategy can be used by business brands to encourage interaction with the target audience.


These are the most important social media trends that you must not ignore at any cost. Then it is important to follow these trends and formulate marketing strategies based on innovative content.

Top 6 Social Media Trends Of 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Strategies & How To Improve Your Digital Presence

With technological advancement, there has been tremendous growth and innovation in almost all digital platforms. You would have observed that millions of businesses are currently focusing on building their organization’s digital presence and are embracing new and innovative marketing strategies, which can boost their online reputation. In the digital era, the target audience is always available online through different platforms. So if you do not have a solid online presence, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of potential business. The digital platforms have made it easier for the business and corporate sectors to keep a watch on the activities and behaviors of their target audience. Moreover, the business can formulate different ways to reach out to their target audience and interact with them by eliminating geographical barriers.

The most essential thing about digital marketing is that it keeps evolving with time and embraces the latest technologies. So if your business marketing strategies have not changed and improved regularly with time, then you won’t be able to grab the attention of your clients/consumers/target audience. In the ever-changing digital marketing world, you need to have marketing strategies that are effective and agile. Only then you would be able to improve your digital presence. So how to improve the digital presence of your business in the competitive virtual world?

#1 Understanding And Building Buyer’s Persona:

The very first step that every digital marketer must understand is their target audience. Remember, you have to build an effective digital presence in the competitive market so that you can draw the attention of the right people. Every business has a set of criteria of who would be their target audience. You cannot use similar marketing and promotional strategies for every other user or visitor that comes to your website. It is quite essential to understand that not everyone is your target audience. So you must organize your target audience into different segments. It will help in creating effective marketing strategies to build a buyer’s persona.

With a perfect buyer persona. Your business would be able to identify and cater to the ideal target audience (customers). This would be possible through efficient research work, the conduct of surveys/interviews, and correct segmenting.

#2 You Must Have a Good Understanding Of Your Business And Marketing Goals:

You Must Have a Good Understanding Of Your Business And Marketing Goals

When your marketing goals are perfectly defined and aligned with the business goals, you would be able to shortlist all the digital tools that you would be required for building effective marketing strategies.

It is essential for every business owner and digital marketer to understand that marketing goals and strategies must be designed by considering the fundamental business goals. You must include the highest level of marketing plans, which will highlight the features of the annual business and marketing strategies to improve the digital presence in the market.

When you have perfectly defined digital marketing and business goals, it is time to make use of the right digital marketing tools. These tools will help you to generate reports, graphs, numerical data, and much more. You can also use online dashboards for monitoring the success and effectiveness of your strategies and take measures to improve them.

#3 Complete Evaluation Of Digital Channels:

Just formulating the marketing strategies without analyzing whether these are applicable in the market or not, is not the right way to improve your digital presence. You must review your existing marketing strategies and then incorporate changes. In this way, you would be able to get a bigger picture of the complete scenario. Moreover, you will understand which tactics would work in building your company’s digital presence.

#4 You Must Regularly Audit The Media Campaigns And Marketing Strategies:

Besides formulating a marketing strategy, you must also focus on improving the content that is being published by your business. All types of content need to be reviewed before they get published on different social media platforms and your website. You must understand that every message your business brand is broadcasting is considered as content — whether those are promotional posts, blogs, articles, videos, infographics, product descriptions, or even the information present in the ‘About Us’ section of the website. Content should be meticulously curated and defined with the right purpose. When the content is compelling, it would be easier for your brand to reach out to the right target audience and also improve your digital presence.


These are some of the most effective and ultimate ways in which you can define the marketing strategies for your business, align them with the fundamental aims of your business, and efficiently improve the digital presence in the competitive market.

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Strategies & How To Improve Your Digital Presence

The Future Of Content Strategy

Content marketing is a field that keeps evolving with changing times, trends, and technology. In the past few years, there have been several changes that have transformed the content strategy altogether. The changes in content strategy and content marketing have been attributed to the continuous growth of search technology. It has brought a huge shift in the way any content is viewed. 

Now there have been remarkable changes in the search algorithm, such as the use of keywords by users, changes in the mechanism of the search bots, and the development of the content. According to the experts, it is believed that in the upcoming years, there would be no place for brand blogging to catch the target audience’s attention or to increase the traffic coming to the website. The “Core web vital” and “KPIs (Key Performance Index)” would be the major factors that will decide the worthiness of the content. All the content writers, content analysts, and digital marketers would have to bring in a change in their mindsets and make amendments to their content strategies. Considering the future of the content strategy, it is quite essential to know these upcoming changes will be defining the content strategy and its application.

Formulation Of The Content Strategy & Testing:

The content analyst and experienced content marketers have long been discussing the significance of the content strategy in brand marketing. In the future, content that is purely written for brand promotion would not be of much use.  It was true that the majority of the content that was being written was entirely tied to conveying the core vision and mission of the business without any valuable information being shared with the audience. However, now it is considered vital that the content should have a blend of information and brand proposing. Only such content would be given due consideration by the search bots of the search engine brand. 

Businesses and content writers used to get confused with the purpose of the brand and the cause of the marketing. The content writer must integrate information along with the right amount of branding to draft the best content. You need to understand that the purpose of the content is to convey the exact perspective of the brand and cover the important points, such as the reason behind the existence of the company, translating the product’s significance, and inclusion of proof points. This will improve the overall quality of the content. Experts have suggested that the content writers should adopt the top-down approach while writing content because it will be helpful in ensuring that the brand’s purpose is appropriately woven into the content. Besides, it would be interactive and useful for the people. So, understand that in the upcoming times, you do not just have to focus on branding but getting the right blend of information and purpose in your content. 

Once you have understood how to craft or curate the content, you need to test it. Publish and share the content to multiple platforms by making use of the right message statement and sharing it with the target audience. With effective testing, you can analyze whether the content would bring in more clients for the business or not.

Tracking The Success Of The Content Strategy:

Merely drafting the content is not enough, you need to make sure that your content strategy is working successfully. For this, you need to employ certain metrics, which will help you understand how useful the customers are finding the content. Besides, this content should also support the business brand while catering to the demands of the customers. KPI – Key Performance Index would let the content analyst know how the content strategy is improving. Moreover, the KPI would tell how the reader/visitors are interacting with the digital content. The customer’s approach toward the content would show what type of connection they are building with the content. Based on these factors, the quality of the content strategy could be decided. The content should encourage the readers to take some action (clicks and conversions) on the content.

Content Should Convey A Story:

People do not like straightforward, informative content. Nowadays, the concept of storytelling is on the rise. You need to use different stories, which will keep the readers hooked on the content till the end. For instance, stories can be used by the content writer to show how the product got its name, how the company has established itself in the market, and many other creative insights. While telling a story, you must convey the message that you think your target audience must be aware of. So the content strategy needs to revolve around storytelling. 


This is what the future of the content would be in the upcoming years. All the content marketers must leave behind the old-school methods and focus on the latest strategies to ensure that they are reaping success.

The Future Of Content Strategy

The 10 Best Ways To Promote An Event Online

Event promotion is one the best and most effective ways for every business to reach the right target audience. For promoting any event you would require proper organizing, planning in understanding the logistics of the events, and making it a big hit. It is an extremely daunting task, and you need to ensure that everything goes in a perfect manner. According to the statistics, almost 73 percent of businesses focus on organizing online events for marketing, advertising, and reaching out to prospective clients/customers.  

Moreover, after the spread of the covid-19, it has become essential to conduct online events as that makes it easier to comply with the social distancing parameters set by the government. But the most important thing is how to promote such virtual events online? What should be the strategy to make these online events effective? What can make online events a huge success? Well, we will be sharing some amazing ways which will help you to promote your virtual events online. 

#1 Plan Out The Strategy For Online Event Promotion:

When you are serious about the success of an online event, you need to be very meticulous in your planning. If your planning is good, everything else will fall into place. Spend a few hours identifying the message that you would like to convey to the audience through the content and how well you can make them understand the same. How will you integrate the business brand with the event to improve the brand positioning in the market? What digital platforms you would be using to advertise the event. Although you might be feeling overwhelmed, planning will make your event well organized and successful. 

#2 Design Event Pages For Promotion On The Website:

Having a well-designed page on the website regarding the event will help your audience to know everything about it. Although you have a good website, you need to use it for the right purpose. You can create a landing page for the event where you can provide all the information regarding the event — at what time the online event would start, what parameters would be covered in it, what benefits it would offer to the audience, and how it will be used for promoting the business. Moreover, you can link the page to your sales pages, or product page, or any other conversion page that would be used by the target audience.

#3 The Event Should Be Shared On The Social Media:The Event Should Be Shared On The Social Media

In the digital era, you must leverage the benefits of the social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin to promote the event. You can use the “Create event” feature of Facebook or the “moment” feature of Twitter to share the event with the target audience available through the social media platform. Besides, you can also make use of LinkedIn for sharing and promoting the event to professional people. [Pro Tip: Use the hashtag feature to reach the maximum number of people].

#4 Harnessing Email Marketing:

You can use email platforms such as MailChimp to create beautiful templates regarding the events and send them to the right people. Email marketing would be the best and most effective way of sending out invitations for the event and follow-up messages.

#5 Use The Advertisement:

Advertisement could be created on Google and various social media platforms and used for promoting the event. Although this method might require a small amount of investment, it would be worth it. You can use ads for the promotion of the events and connect with a large target audience. 

#6 Create And Share Videos Exhibiting The Highlights Of The Event: Create And Share Videos Exhibiting The Highlights Of The Event

Videos are extremely trendy, and you can use them to your benefit. You can create a perfect and crisp video that focuses on the highlights of the event and share them on YouTube and other platforms where you can find the right friends and followers. Make sure the videos have attractive thumbnails and are attention-grabbing.

#7 You Can Host Contest Or A Free Registration For Promoting Events:

You can host content on various social media platforms or on the business website, which will encourage the interested target audience to register and participate in the contest. The aim of the content would be to create awareness in the audience regarding the event. This way of promoting an event is highly common and has the potential to reach a large audience.

#8 You Must Embrace Podcasts For Promoting Events:

According to a survey, it was found that almost 70% of people listen to podcasts. This means that if you embrace podcast technology for promoting the event online, you will be able to reach a vast proportion of the population. 

#9 Empowering Of The Speakers And Promoters For The Promotion of The Event:

You can gather all the event speakers and promoters and create a short video with their introductions. You can share this video on various websites and different social media platforms to attract the audience’s attention towards the event and encourage them to attend the event. Through this type of video, you can provide them with a registration tracking link so you can analyze where your new guests came from.

#10 Develop A Community/Forums:

You can either create a community on the website’s event pages or social media platform where a large number of people can gather to discuss the information of the event. You can share all the highlights of the event through the forum and community. 


The aforementioned methods are different ways in which you can promote online events and make them a huge success. 

The 10 Best Ways To Promote An Event Online

How to Effectively Rebrand Your Business

Your brand is a mark of your personality and also the representation of the kind of experience you pledge to give to your consumers. There are some important things that you need to consider seriously whenever you are thinking of rebranding your business, with the most important factor being how rebranding your business will impact your customers.

Your brand comprises various factors, including marketability, market differentiation, equity, association, culture, relevance, and brand awareness. The most essential factor to put into consideration when deliberating whether it’s the right time to rebrand your business is if you can work on any of the above-mentioned factors to bring a greater sense of satisfaction to your consumers.

Importance of Rebranding

You may consider rebranding if your business is going through a hard time like a drop in sales or a drastic decrease in the numbers of new customers, or maybe you are losing your loyal customers. Rebranding may also be important if the style and look of your business haven’t been changed in a while. It will help you to freshen up the appearance of your products so that you can draw your lost customers back and also gain new ones.

Your target market can be changed through rebranding if you think or feel your business is not attracting the consumers you desire. Rebranding is not a quick ‘sow and reap’ scheme, it is a process that takes time and effort, and its effect on your business will be visible in the long term, not instantly. Rebranding is a promising strategy for your business to facilitate growth, strengthen and expand your workforce, boost profits, and gain a competitive advantage. Choosing to rebrand your business means that your business is changing or growing, not failing. So, before you take those crucial steps to rebrand your business, ensure you have the luxury of time, innovation and workforce to pull it off smoothly.

Ways You Can Effectively Rebrand Your Business

Define your current identity and determine what your new identity will be

This is the first step where you ask yourself the tough questions regarding your business. What is running smoothly and what is not? This is one of the best places to commence any changes so that you’re very sure you are not fixing what isn’t broken. The best way to determine the kind of changes you desire from rebranding is by talking to your employees and customers to find out their opinion about your business. You should also remind yourself of your business objectives and how rebranding can help you achieve them. Also, make sure you survey the market to see how your services or products in the industry are doing. By doing these, you can know the strengths and weaknesses of your business and consequently determine the kind of changes to make so that you can have a new identity that will stand out vibrantly in the industry.

Write out the changes to be madeWrite out the changes to be made

Once you have a plan to change a particular aspect of your business, there is a need for you to write them down. Writing down the changes you desire about your business makes it easier for your employees to understand the desired changes and what part they can play in affecting the changes. You must write down the changes you desire, how they can or will be fixed, and the time by which they must be enforced. You can start by having a detailed list of the marketing factors of your business that must be updated — factors like websites, logos, social media, invoices, and many more. Also, one of the best ways to determine the changes your business needs is by researching your competitors.

Research your consumers

Since you are already making a transition, look at your customer database and determine if one of the reasons for rebranding your business is to target a new market. Appealing to a new demographic could earn you an entirely new set of loyal customers and fully change the general boost and vibe of your business. Reaching out for a new set of consumers will keep your business setting exciting and fresh.

Use your employees as brand ambassadors

You can make your employees happy by including them in the changes you bring to your business. Your employees are one of the major factors of your business culture and also your brand identity. You can use them in getting your brand’s name out there by making them wear sweatshirts and t-shirt that have your company’s name and logo boldly designed on them. This is a good and cheap way of marketing your business. Your brand can go viral if this marketing technique is applied.

Activate your changes and communicate your new identity

Before launching, ensure all your managers and your employees are satisfied and are fully aware of the changes that are to be made. Make sure that your employees live up to the brand’s new identity. Set a date for the official launching and publish the changes through social media platforms and in a press release. You can also make use of the radio or newspaper. Make sure your new identity is communicated to the marketplace and that your employees are also ready to obey all the new brand policies.


Rebranding is a strategy to improve how your business is externally viewed. The strategies listed above are some of the vibrant ways in which you can rebrand your business. You must look forward always, be committed to changes, and ensure everyone involved in your business is pleased with the changes you are trying to effect. Be sincere with yourself, your employees, and your consumers about the things that need to happen and how the changes will be carried out. One of the ways to ensure success in business rebranding is to take action. You will only see results when you take practical and active steps. 

How to Effectively Rebrand Your Business

Different Ways Companies Can Use LinkedIn for Marketing

There are more than 20 million companies making use of LinkedIn for Marketing. It is one of the most prominent social networks for recruiting and hiring top talent. With more than 680 million members, more and more brands are using this platform’s marketing tools to sell, connect, and network. There are various marketing tools on LinkedIn that are available for every type of business, from large to small and from B2C (business-to-consumer) to B2B(Business-to-business). LinkedIn for marketing enables you to build credibility, establish a growth oriented and meaningful network. It also helps you gain valuable creative insights from established professionals in your industry.

The details below will guide you in the various ways your company can use LinkedIn like a pro for marketing.

Share posts with rich media

Posts with videos and photos generally deliver better across every social media platform. The same strategy works well on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, posts with images or photos receive up to 98% more comments than those without images. LinkedIn reveals that custom collages, which have about 3-4 images or photos in a post, perform better for pages. Slide Share presentations, PowerPoint, or PDFs can also be uploaded to support your posts.

Videos see 5× more engagement than any other content type on LinkedIn. One unique benefit of LinkedIn video is that it auto-plays when anyone scrolls by it. Because of this, it does a decent job of attracting viewers’ attention. Also, videos hosted on LinkedIn are prioritized by the LinkedIn algorithm. Don’t forget to put in closed captions for those who prefer to keep the sound-off and hearing-impaired viewers. Every video posted on the LinkedIn page is displayed in a videos tab.

Optimize posts for reach and impact

When it comes to posting content from your company’s page, there are few LinkedIn best business practices to consider. LinkedIn’s algorithm rates posts based on the following: engagement probability, interest relevance, and personal connections. Your post should aim to engage people by showing them relevant content.

Below are LinkedIn best business practices to boost your posts:

  • Share relevant and timely content.
  • Draw attention to your post by making use of videos or photos.
  • Make short copies. If the copy is long, use bullet points or paragraph breaks to make it more readable.
  • Call out key quotes, points, and statistics.
  • Include a simple and clear CTA (call-to-action)
  • Make mention of the audience you are trying to reach (e.g. “Calling all creatives” or “Are you an artist?”)
  • Tag and mention key people or related pages.
  • Make use of questions to encourage responses.
  • Create LinkedIn polls for engagement and feedback.
  • Include 2 to 3 applicable hashtags in a simple way.
  • Compose strong headlines for your articles.
  • Ensure you respond to comments within a short period to stimulate more engagement.

Post at the right time

Posting regularly is very important to build a lively audience base on LinkedIn. LinkedIn reveals that companies that post monthly have a growth in followers 6× faster than those companies which post a few times in a year. Companies that put up a post every week see 2× the engagement, while companies that post once a day gain even more followers. However, no matter how regularly you post, always ensure you post at the best time. It has been observed that the best time to post on linked is 7:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m. EST. Also, Wednesdays are the best days for B2B (business-to-business), Mondays and Wednesdays are the best for B2C (business-to-consumer). Following these time and day schedules can be of tremendous help to your company.

LinkedIn Live

The LinkedIn Live video is the only format that is more engaging than videos or images. Live broadcast attracts 24× the attention videos and images attract. Companies have discovered many reasons for them to go live, these live sessions range from webinars and interviews to fireside chats. Some companies even host virtual events. This LinkedIn Live format enables instant connection with the audience, especially if you respond to comments and questions. Ensure you promote the event or program that will be held virtually before going live. Promotion can also be done on other social media platforms to spread the word.

Launch a Showcase Page

Generate a LinkedIn Showcase Page to boost a unique initiative or connect a target community. These pages give your LinkedIn members another way to follow you, even when they don’t follow your page. For example, Adobe has 5 showcase pages for its various communities and products.

Learn from LinkedIn Analytics

Regularly check LinkedIn Analytics to boost your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Trace post metrics to figure out what topics people are mostly engaging with, what stirred their action, and what flopped. Regulate your content calendar accordingly.

From the analytics dashboard, you can also study how people locate your page and what sections they are most engaging with. Compare the numbers of views your tabs pages get, and if you operate a Showcase Page, observe how much traction it is gathering. Visitor demographics give you a sense of who is drawn to your company.

To discover how your page is performing in comparison to your competitors’ pages, check the Companies to Track table. This section allows you to compare where your page ranks when it comes to new or total followers. You can also detect how many updates each page posts over a particular period and the general engagement rate.

Target the right audience

One of the more notable LinkedIn marketing tools is its organic targeting option for posts. Follower profile data consisting of organization size, job, industry, seniority, language preferences, and geography are some of the details page admin can target.


LinkedIn is a professional platform that enables you to build credibility, establish a meaningful network, and glean insider creativity from established specialists in your industry. It is an important equipment in your social marketing strategies, so make use of every opportunity it provides to make the product and commodities your company offers known to people who might be interested. The use of various social media platforms can be used to spread the words out.

Different Ways Companies Can Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Why WordPress Is The Best Choice to Bring Your Business Presence Online?

WordPress is considered the best choice for millions of people who wish to make their business presence through a high-profile website. The features provided by WordPress is what makes it the most widely used Content Management System. Developers involved with the website development and designing process find it easier and more convenient to quickly and with utmost accuracy carry out their tasks with the help of WordPress. It has proven to be a powerful tool that helps businesses build their online reputation and gather the attention of their target audience. People are choosing WordPress over other similar platforms not just because it is the best CMS platform, but there are a lot more benefits that come along with this CMS. So let’s look at why WordPress has become the best choice for building an online presence.

WordPress — A Free CMS Platforms:

WordPress is absolutely free. Everyone and anyone can download it and directly get it installed on their system and start the development process. You can even use the local sandbox with an easy approach to get your business started and build its online presence. To set up any StartUp or improve the reputation of an existing business, people are looking to have small upfront costs. Thus having a website on WordPress would be the best decision. It will not only save money but time in the development process too.

WordPress Is Open Source Platform For Development:

As it is an open-source platform, you can download it and use the code available on the WordPress Codex to include different functionalities and enhance the appearance and layout of your website. This is considered as one of the best aspects of developing a website on WordPress. Moreover, you have the flexibility to manage the source code and customize the platform according to your choice.

WordPress Provides A User-Friendly Platform:WordPress Provides A User-Friendly Platform

The WordPress CMS platform is designed and developed in such a way that technical as well as non-technical people can take advantage of it. This is the major reason why WordPress is in demand across all countries. Besides this, the WordPress CMS is extremely interactive and user-friendly. Due to this, the developers (even the non-technical people) can develop/ design web pages, widgets, posts, media, etc. Not just this, you can even manage all these features and be able to design everything with ease & convenience.

WordPress Offers Innumerable Themes For The Website Design:

To have the best online presence and attract prospective customers, you need to have a website design that is attractive. So what to do when you need a perfect design? Well, WordPress offers numerous themes based on different categories. You can choose themes that are perfect for your business and implement these themes on your website. Even the integration part of the themes is extremely easy and convenient. The best aspect of working with WordPress themes is that they can be customized according to your preferences and business prospects. You can avail for free as well as paid WordPress themes or get them from any other websites that provide free website themes.

WordPress Provides Plugins For All Types Of Features:WordPress Provides Plugins For All Types Of Features

Most of the developers would understand that adding different features and functionalities to their website can be tedious. But with WordPress, you do not have to worry about such things as there are multiple plugins available for that purpose. Just like the themes, WordPress also provides free as well as paid plugins. These can be installed and used accordingly.

Provision To Optimize Your Website According To SEO:

Nowadays, everyone knows that just having a website does not serve any purpose. There have to be proper SEO parameters implemented on the website to ensure that you are getting a good ranking on the Google Search Result Pages. You would be able to develop a strong online presence only when you are following the SEO guidelines. WordPress will help you to solve this problem as well. You get a wide range of SEO plugins that will help you to acknowledge and resolve the issues as well.


WordPress is not just the choice of large businesses but even the small StartUps are focusing on using WordPress for building their online presence and taking their businesses to the next step.

Why WordPress Is The Best Choice to Bring Your Business Presence Online?

Protect Your WordPress Site Against Bad Bots

WordPress — one of the best platforms for web-publishing that is used for developing highly dynamic and attractive websites and even for creating blogs. The best aspect of WordPress is that it is completely free for everyone. You simply have to download WordPress and you can start using it immediately. It is an open-source platform, which has been used by millions of people since 2003. Anyone from developers to bloggers, businessmen, or a common person can make use of the WordPress platform to achieve their goals. WordPress provides a wide range of plugins and themes, which makes the development of a website or a blog extremely easy. But with increasing cyber threats, it is essential to have a website that is not just dynamic but also secure. The security of WordPress blogs and websites has become a concern for everyone, including small and large businesses. WordPress is always regulated by backend developers and ensures that it stays intact. But that does not mean it won’t be facing any intrusion or any cyber attacks or threats. Hence whether the website is for small businesses or large MNCs, it is essential to ensure that the WordPress websites are secure from malicious activities. The WordPress websites need to undergo precautionary measures, which will keep the websites protected from unethical attacks and malicious activities.

Why is it essential to keep your WordPress website protected from bad bots?

The protection of WordPress websites is important because bad bots can attack these websites; they attack by using different malicious practices and through different sections of the website.

Protection of the login and other credential pages from brute force attack:

Bad bots keep an eye on such pages and try to access the login-ids and passwords of these websites.

Protect your blog pages from spamming comments:

The hackers may use the comment spam strategy or bot to comment spam your blogs. It can even get into the comment section, where the comments are blocked.

WordPress themes and plugins protection:

It is essential to keep the theme pages protected from the bad bots that try to have access to the website.

It is essential to stop these bad bots because they would increase the load on the webserver and obstruct the incoming traffic. You might be knowing that each web server has limited memory, and if the bad bots get into the website’s server, it will lead to dangerous situations. You might not even know, and the bot will max out your server memory.

So is there a way to keep your website protected from the bad bots?

#1 You can install WordFence to protect the WordPress website:

You can install WordFence to protect the WordPress website

When you install Wordfence, you would be able to get the list of all the bad bots that might have the potential to hit your website in real-time. In order to protect the WordPress website, there is no need to keep the plugin enabled, but use it to determine the type of bots hitting your site and whether they should be blocked.

#2 Do not make use of abandoned plugins:

Normally, while you are busy with your website, it becomes difficult to concentrate on every plugin. Some are still active, whereas some might have become abandoned. Such plugins are extremely dangerous, as they can be a vulnerable point for hackers to attack. So it is advised to regulate the WordPress plugins and ensure that you are not making use of any abandoned plugins.

#3 You must keep the WordPress themes and plugins updated:

It goes without saying that you need to keep all the WordPress themes and plugins updated by turning the setting to auto-update. With this, it would be convenient and easy for you to be sure of having the most up-to-date software. If you keep using outdated plugins, then it would make your website vulnerable to hacking.


So, now you know why it is essential to keep your WordPress website protected and how to do it perfectly. Therefore, keep up with the upgrades and keep embracing the security parameters to make sure your WordPress site is protected.

Protect Your WordPress Site Against Bad Bots