Video Production and Marketing

Want to know the secret weapon to build a truly next level brand?

Get visual and create video content. 

People’s attention spans are short, there’s no better way to keep them interested and on your website or social media account longer, and we live in an attention economy.

No matter how creative you are or how involved you’d like to be, we fit our video production services around your needs. We tailor what we do for exactly what you need. 

Pro Tip

With modern technology, it’s incredibly easy to pick up a smart phone and start recording. That’s the epitome of smart, resource efficient guerrilla marketing that works in today’s landscape.

Need professional recording, editing, and production?

Look no further, we do professional video production services in-house.

We’ll collaborate with you to figure out what topics and formats will resonate with your audience, write the script, shoot the content, edit it for you, and distribute on all your platforms. We’ve got the equipment and expertise to create beautiful and compelling right from your office, home, or wherever you like.

Need even more production value?

We’ve got the connections to secure studio time and the best services with the capability to create content fit for a blockbuster movie. If it’s right for your company, we can even manage your TV commercial campaign from start to finish, from creating the video to getting the best value for the ad time.

Video production is only half the battle.

It’s just as important as getting that fantastic content distributed to as many people on as many platforms as possible.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great tools. Video advertising on these platforms allow for very specific targeting of your audience. This ability to get in front of the right people and not just the most people is how a campaign can produce truly impressive return on investment.

Need us to manage the entire production plan? We can do that too.

Ideally, a sales funnel will incorporate as many videos as possible – from drawing attention with a brand introduction video to creating trust with a customer testimonial. And once they’re produced, you can turn a longer video into micro-content with varying lengths optimized for whatever platforms they’re on.

Explainer Videos 

    • You can tell people what you do and why they need you, but why not show them instead? We can make animated videos too which work great as explainers.

Promotional Videos 

    • Say you want to tell your Facebook audience to give you a call, the chances they actually do are so much higher if they see a smiling face and hear a positive voice.

Branded Intro Videos 

    • The perfect addition to a website’s homepage (and what prevents people from clicking off) is an introductory video. There’s nothing more compelling than a story, we can help you tell your’s. 


      • Don’t have an idea for a video? Ask for questions from your audience and let them pick the topic. Wherever the questions come from, interview formats make it easy to entertain and inform potential customers and clients.
  • I’ve coined a new phrase when it comes to getting top quality work done at lightning speed… It's now ’the Optimal Reach Way’.

    Patrick Andre Big Boss @ Andre Insurance
  • "ORM completely rejuvenated our brand and gave us a website that looked just as good as something that cost 10 times as much."

    Barb Grandinetti President - The Challenge Program
  • "The work ORM performed on the state-compliant label and packaging design with only 3 days to turnaround was second-to-none."

    Darwin Millard Co-founder, Plant Consulting Group
  • "I wouldn't know what to do without Optimal Reach."

    Casey White Casey White Law
  • "Optimal Reach took an idea to fruition with absolutely minimal direction or oversight...Absolutely amazing intuition, work ethic, and attention to detail."

    Patrick K. Nightingale Cannabis Legal Solutions
  • "I am amazed at what ORM can put out as fast as they do and at the quality level you would expect from one of the big Madison Ave. marketing companies."

    Michael Patterson, NHA, OTR/L, CEAS CEO US Cannabis Research & Development

(P.S. We have serious fun in our monthly marketing meetings.)

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Video Production and Marketing