10 Innovative Web Design Trends For 2021

In these technological progressive times, where changes are taking place at warp speed, digital platforms are flourishing at the fastest rate. Every business is focusing on building its online presence. In order to build an online presence, small as well as large business houses and corporate sectors are aiming to develop the best possible website. A site, which has the potential to draw and sustain the attention of the target audience.

For making the website stand out from the crowd, you need to keep yourself updated with the website design and development trends that keep evolving every year. So what’s new in web design trends in the year 2021? Let’s get to know the top 10 innovative web design trends that will dominate the market this year.

#1 Making Use Of Vector Graphics:

To make your website stand out from other websites, everyone focuses on improving the aesthetics of the multimedia used on the website. It is quite obvious that the website that makes use of high-quality illustrative images and photos will have greater traffic as compared to textual and boring web pages. So you can utilize the vector graphics or illustrations on your website. These types of images can easily expand/stretch and fit the screen without compromising on the quality.

#2 Parallax Scrolling To Enhance The Visual Effects Of The Website:

You might be thinking that the parallax web design feature is a bit old. But let us assure you that it is still one of the most trending web design features in the year 2021. Although there have been changes in the parallax effect — it has now become more subtle yet creative. Parallax web design helps in establishing an illusion of depth effect on the website without disorienting viewers and losing the originality of the web design.

#3 The Increasing Popularity Of 3D Visuals:

In modern times, people have smart devices with high-resolution screens. With this, the use of 3D visuals in web design has become extremely popular. The 3D designs or visuals are not considered as some sort of garish distraction on the web page. Rather, they are helpful in increasing user engagement. The web developers have become skilled enough to blend the static web designs, minimalistic layouts, and 3D visuals in the websites to make them look the best.

#4 Integration Of Augmented Reality Through Graphics And Multimedia:

Augmented reality will be dominating the web design trends through the use of appropriate graphics and multimedia on the web pages. According to the reports, it has been claimed that the websites that are based on retail and e-commerce are making the best use of the potential of AR to increase business sales and empower potential customers in the buying process.

#5 Dark Mode Designs For Websites:

In the earlier times, it was considered that bright colors should be used in the website design as it will attract the attention of the target audience. But not anymore. Nowadays, you can notice that web developers and web designers prefer dark mode to make their websites look classy. The dark mode helps in creating an amazing backdrop to enhance the essential elements of the website.

#6 Embracing The Retro Fonts:

Since the past few years, there has been immense popularity in the use of vintage typography or generally called retro fonts. But you must ensure that there have been slight changes in the styling of these throwback fonts. Although the fonts used in the web designs are vintage, their styling is completely modern. The web designers maintain a perfect balance between the vintage version and the modern version to improve the look of the website.

#7 Combining The Photos With Graphics:

If you want your website to create a dynamic effect, then you can use the web design trend of integrating the photos to align with the graphical illustrations. It will help you to grow your business brand and make your website stand out from the crowd.

#8 Implementation Of Visual Storytelling:

Visual storytelling is gaining popularity because it is considered the best tool that helps in increasing user engagement and overall user experience. People find visual narratives better than textual formats.

#9 Making Use Of The Geometric Grid In Website Design:

One of the web design trends that is being widely used by web developers and designers are — Geometric Grids. The geometric grids that are used in the web pages do not always have to be perfectly aligned or displayed in a uniform arrangement. Rather, it can be asymmetric. This gives a dramatic effect to the web pages and increases the curiosity of the website visitors.

#10 Subtle Background Colors:

The bright background colors are not in trend anymore. Rather, web designers prefer to have a neutral or subtle backgrounds and dark colors for the components of the website. This design change has been fueled by the growing usage of smart devices at all hours.


These are some of the most important web design trends of the year 2021 which you can embrace to redesign or restructure your website. These trends will help you gain more traffic and increase the conversions for your business.

10 Innovative Web Design Trends For 2021

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