7 Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2021

Content marketing is a field that always keeps evolving with time. You cannot keep using the same content marketing tactics or strategies for a long period. If you want your content marketing strategies to work for you and enhance the growth of your business, it is essential that you are following up with the trends every year.

This is 2021, and we are already in the summer months. At this point in time, it is quite essential to understand the tremendous shift in the content marketing approach given the world scenario. And how to implement the changes in business marketing for the exponential growth of your business. As we have already stepped into the year 2021, let’s not delay any further and get to know all important trends that are topping the list for content marketing this year.

#1 Focus On Increasing The Business Live Videos

This year, you could have observed that video content, online events such as webinars are on the rise. And this trend is not going away any time soon. Live videos are on the rise not just because of the pandemic, which has affected the world but also due to the fact that they are an effective and quick way to convey a message to the audience, interact with them, and sometimes even educate them.

In the present scenario, your target audience may not have the time and the inclination to read huge blogs or any sort of long-form textual content. Hence, it is better to offer them videos that offer the same knowledge and information within a short period.

#2 Establish High-Level Content Communities

Content always acts as the ice breaker between the customers/consumers and the business. It basically aims to eliminate the barrier that is generally observed between the brands and target audience.

For instance, you can observe the business run by Netflix. Netflix always focuses on building communities through the content they share on YouTube, Twitter, or even Facebook. It helps a large number of people to come together and express their views.

You can start your own community of like-minded people and share essential information with the people in the form of videos, textual data, infographics, or even podcasts. It is an effective way to build customer loyalty and take your business to the next level.

#3 Content Will Be Required By Businesses To Enhance Customer Experience

If you want your business website to generate great ROI, then it is quite essential that you need to offer content that will enhance the customer experience. With great content, the users or readers would like to stay on the website, find out what they are actually seeking and have a great time. This will lead the customers to the sales funnel and improve business ROI.

#4 Integrating AI To Test The Potential Of The Content

AI or Artificial Intelligence holds a significant position in the content marketing field. The content marketers are making use of the tools such as Contentyze that has in-built AI technology and supports in creating and testing unique content in the form of summaries, titles, captions, and sometimes blog posts. There are many businesses that have started embracing the AI-powered content tester and generators to ensure that the content they are publishing is of high quality.

#5 You Can Repurpose The Content And Share It On Multiple Channels

You Can Repurpose The Content And Share It On Multiple ChannelsYou might be thinking that you are always required to put up with fresh content on the website and social media sharing sites. Well, this is true, but to some extent only. You always have the opportunity to repurpose the content you are getting, enhance it, and then share it on different platforms.

#6 Focus On Making Use Of The Diversified Content

You already know that blog posts are one of the most important content pieces that work for your website. But this is just a single type of content that you think is suitable for your website. Besides this, you should keep exploring other content options that will improvise the content that is being shared with the target audience.

You can diversify the content options such as sometimes you can make use of podcasts, e-books, videos, infographics, and many more. This diversification of content will help you to enhance the audience reach.

#7 Focus On Stories Creation

One of the most popular content marketing trends this year has been stories. Stories are one of the most effective content formats that have a huge impact on the audience. So you can make use of short stories to convey the message to your clients.


These are some of the best and most trending content marketing features that you can easily adopt for your business in the year 2021.

7 Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2021

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