7 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

In the digital era, even for marketing, the digital space is the preferred choice. Whether you want to build your online presence or take your business to the next level, you must be embracing the right marketing tactics and strategies. These days, you could see your target audience usually present on various social media websites — especially Facebook. Do you think you should employ Facebook marketing tactics to draw the attention of your clients or target audience and convert them into your potential customers? Certainly yes!

Facebook marketing is not just for increasing your marketing sales but also helps in building your business brands.

Here are some of the most interesting ways in which you can make use of Facebook marketing for your business.

#1 You Should Use Facebook Business Page for Effective Marketing:

You Should Use Facebook Business Page for Effective Marketing

Facebook is a social media platform that provides a wide range of marketing tools for businesses. One of the most effective tools is the Facebook Business Page. The Facebook pages are available free to people who wish to build a robust online presence in the market for their business. With the help of the Facebook business page, you can easily list your business products and services and help your target audience know about them.

#2 Leveraging The Benefits Offered By Facebook Ads:

Leveraging The Benefits Offered By Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social media platform that can be used by digital marketers to reach out to the right target audience. You can use the Facebook Ads platform for advertising your business. You have the flexibility to design or customize your ads and promote your business brands through them. You cannot just promote the advertisement but also analyze the performance of those advertisements. Whether it is working perfectly or there are any issues to be resolved. Moreover, you can know how your target audience is responding to these ads.

#3 You Can Host Wide Range Of Facebook Contests:

Yet another Facebook marketing tactic that can be utilized for improving the brand awareness of your business is hosting content or running sweepstakes. Through the Facebook contests, you would be able to let people participate on their own by providing like or posting comments. You can either make use of the third-party applications or the free version to host the Facebook contests.

#4 Integration Of The Facebook Promotional Posts:

When you are posting the relevant content on the Facebook business page, and if the posts are doing well organically, Facebook would put forward various recommendations. These recommendations are to promote the Facebook posts through paid platforms. You can promote these well-performing posts to reach out to the maximum number of the target audience. In this way, you would be able to increase the coverage and impressions of a particular post.

#5 Don’t Miss Out The Sponsored Stories Feature Provided By Facebook:

Sponsored stories are yet another type of Facebook Ads that would be visible only to the user’s friends. So you can list your target audience as your “Friends” and then move ahead and post the sponsored stories. You would be able to reach out to the right people and also analyze the responses you have received from them. Through these sponsored stories, you can provide a link to the website or directly to the product pages so that interested people can get to the exact products and services without any hassle.

#6 Open Graph Feature Of Facebook:

With the help of Facebook Open Graph, you would be able to take your business to the next level. According to a survey, it has been revealed that millions of people are interacting with business brands through the Facebook Open Graph feature. With this, the users (target audience) have the flexibility to interact with different types of posts — liking the posts, commenting on the posts, watching the video, reading the posts, etc. These things would be listed as actions taken by the target audience on the posts.

#7 Using The Facebook Exchange Feature For Effective Marketing:

Most often, digital marketers are not aware of the Facebook Exchange feature offered by Facebook. The Facebook Exchange feature is specifically designed for advertisers who wish to take their business promotion and advertising to the next level. With this, the Facebook advertisers would focus on real-time bidding on the products and services. Facebook would display products and services in the form of ads and then help the audience bid on them and win them.


These are some of the most interesting and innovative ways of incorporating Facebook’s marketing features in your marketing strategies. These are proven to be beneficial ways, and today’s modern businesses should embrace Facebook platforms for the purpose of business marketing.

7 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

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